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Evolution in Continuity: Valvosacco Chooses a New Corporate Image

Valvosacco has decided to update its brand identity. The change was deliberate, aimed at enhancing the company’s identity and history, while modernizing its image to emphasize values—especially its commitment to environmentally sustainable production—that have always characterized it.

The rebranding includes the adoption of a new logo, accompanied by the “Ecosack since 1968” pay-off. The logo, modern and forward-looking, features a stylized depiction of a sack, enclosing a graphic element that resembles a leaf but also the letters V and S, harkening back to the old brand and thus, the company’s history. The darker element extends to the border of the lighter field, symbolizing the valve and representing Valvosacco and what the company produces comprehensively. The choice of color also holds significance: the shades of green evoke the commitment to a sustainable future that has always characterized the company.

Along with the adoption of the new image, Valvosacco has decided to completely revamp—both in its graphical aspects and, to some extent, in its content—its website: the new site features content that highlights the Valvosacco Method and its natural commitment to sustainability.