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User sectors

We accompany our customer’s development
with efficient, safe, and sustainable bags

Keep abreast of the times or anticipate them? For people who, like our company, have always believed in a responsible and eco sustainable future even when natural resources were plentiful, standing still is never an option. While we are always on the lookout for the most efficient solutions to the requirements submitted by our customers, we’re also excited about our ability to second guess and anticipate future demands. A vision within a logic of collaboration, feedback, and attention to the many problems submitted by our customers. New projects and solutions emerge from the continuous exchange of ideas with suppliers and customers. We will be proud to contribute to the success of your company.
High filling speeds, excellent print quality and ever greater strength are the key features of our open mouth and valve bags, which provide an efficient and sustainable response to the needs of the most diverse sectors: food, animal feeds, seeds and pet food, construction and chemical, fashion, separate waste collection – and many more.

Bags for the food industry

Food bags are an essential requirement to guarantee product safety and freshness during bagging, transport, storage, and distribution

Bags for animal feeds, seeds and pet food

These bags are designed to assure optimal preservation and protection of animal feeds and seeds during transport, storage, and distribution.

Bags for construction and chemicals

The bags for construction and the chemical industry guarantee safety, rapid filling, high strength, protection, and unaltered performance of the packaged materials.

Bags for fashion

The paper bag – versatile, sustainable and with customizable graphics – allows companies to communicate the values and contents that distinguish their brands.

Bags for the environment and separate waste collection

Bags for the environment are designed to deal with the challenges linked to sustainable waste management, preservation of natural resources, and environmental impact reduction. These bags are made of eco-friendly materials and designed to be reusable or easily recyclable.

Bags for other industrial sectors

Thanks to its intrinsic versatility, sustainability and efficiency, the paper bag can be readily adapted to match the requirements – standard and specific – of many more goods sectors.