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We make efficient and versatile valve bags and open mouth bags for all production sectors and for all types of goods, while awarding the maximum importance to eco sustainability by adopting work processes, products and procedures inspired by circular economy thinking.

Read about Valvosacco and the Valvosacco Method!

About us

Incorporated in the early 1960s, Valvosacco (originally Sacchificio Moderno) soon became one of the main manufacturers in Italy of medium and high capacity paper bags.


We transform our raw material with painstaking care to create products of impeccable quality. Our green thinking philosophy delineates a path that touches on all stages of the production process to create an industrial product of tailor-made quality.


Whatever your company’s operating activity, Valvosacco has the sturdy, secure, and eco sustainable bags you need.
Check out the characteristics of our valve bags and open mouth bags.

Valve bags

Valve bags were created for high speed production lines that required agile palletization.

Open mouth bags

Open mouth bags are suitable for manual filling and optimal for automated bagging.

User sectors

High filling speeds, excellent print quality and ever greater strength are the key features of our open mouth and valve bags, which provide an efficient and sustainable response to the needs of the most diverse sectors: food, animal feeds, seeds and pet food, construction and chemical, fashion, separate waste collection – and many more.

The Valvosacco Method

The Valvosacco Method is a combination of actions and values that make our company an industrial concern of tailored-made quality: an industrial concern due to our ability to meet the needs of customers in any industrial sector, producing the required bags promptly; of tailor-made quality due to our relentless search for perfection.

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