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Bags for fashion

Creative and sustainable bags for the fashion industry

It is in the fashion industry that the paper bag delivers the ultimate expression of its communicative function, becoming a new tool for the dissemination of contents and values that distinguish the brands that choose it. Natural sustainability and limitless customization possibilities are among the main reasons that the paper bag is the perfect solution for fashion houses. Hardly surprising that paper bags are increasingly used in multi-brand stores and brand boutiques, displaying their full versatility and effortless ability to meet the demands of pop brands and haute couture alike.

The Valvosacco Method

The Valvosacco Method is a combination of actions and values that make our company an industry of tailor-made quality: an industry due to our ability to meet the needs of customers in any sector, rapidly producing the required bags; of tailor-made quality due to our constant search for perfection: our open mouth or valve bags always provide a faithful representation of the identity of the customer who chooses them – apart from being tough, versatile, and safe work tools. Our bags become the outerwear of your products, specifically designed to enhance the value of the product they contain. In the Valvosacco Method, all this is combined with our natural and meticulous attention for the environment: Starting from the intrinsic sustainability of the paper bag, Valvosacco adds strategic choices in a circular economy direction – from scrap reduction to sorted disposal of the materials used and analysis of infrastructure investments capable of assisting with the reduction of CO2 emissions

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