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Our Mission

There is a quality that already exists and cannot be recreated: it’s called “nature”. Everything in the natural world exists in a state of perfection – we can only learn, understand, and make our responsible, safe, and respectful proposals, because nature is the most precious good and must be protected.

Sustainable excellence

With this awareness, Valvosacco adopts a philosophy of maintaining the resources nature has provided: we strive to transform our raw material with the greatest care, in order to create superb quality products. Our green thinking philosophy delineates a path that touches on all stages of the production process to create an industrial product of tailor-made quality. Nature therefore contributes to making modern, technologically advanced and, especially, sustainable packages, providing the best answer for your needs and ours alike.

  • Raw material
  • Manufacturing department
  • Printing on paper and bonded materials
  • Quality control
  • Storage

    Innovative tradition

    Valvosacco Paper Bag Logo

    We have the privilege of creating a traditional product that is useful, strong, ecological, environmentally friendly – since forever, long before sustainability made it onto the agenda. Technological evolution through the years has allowed open mouth and valve paper bags to assume a communicative role, becoming a vector of information, beauty, and meaningful content for companies and their customers.

    Each project and decision in our organization is fuelled by a perpetual mindset of value creation, starting from the daily actions and primary needs of our customers and of all who benefit from our products, aiding the development of environmental wellness.