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Our team

Skill and dedication

Our care for the natural world has a single purpose: to ensure a liveable and sustainable world now and in the future. Respecting nature means respecting its denizens, starting from ourselves. At Valvosacco this predilection is evident in the product, the workplace, and in our most important resource: our people, the very heart of the company.
  • Paper sack production and bundling
  • People in production
  • Packaging quality control
  • Quality control of paper sacks
  • Graphic bag design
  • Valvosacco offices

You will find all their care and passion in your bags, perfect because they are made with awareness, professionalism, and dedication in a safe and controlled workplace, where all materials, inks and adhesives used comply with the most stringent quality and safety standards. Our papers are sourced from certified controlled forests, we use corn starch adhesives, and printing is carried out with water-based inks.

The key to our success lies in the professionalism and rigour that all Valvosacco team members automatically adopt as the guiding principle of their approach to their work. We love what we do, with our passion providing a rallying point when creating a team, with numbers that have risen to more than 100 individuals in recent years. A loyal team with an emotional connection to the company, its Philosophy and its Mission: it is a source of pride at Valvosacco that the average length of service of our people is 15 years – a level of retention of the team, as among our customers, that allows us to enjoy a relaxed working atmosphere, where success relies on the shared satisfaction in achieving positive results together.

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  • Valvosacco executives