Our focus on the environment obviously goes beyond searching for the best suppliers. It applies to all production and related activities in the creation of your bags. We select the glues, inks, consumables, processing techniques and technologies used in production to protect the environment and the people working with us.
In creating your bag, we also strive to make it fast to fill, highly durable and fully secure for your products, while also displaying technical information and, what’s more, constituting a modern and effective marketing and promotional tool for your company.


Virtuous products are always the result of a combination of professionalism, passion and experience, and Valvosacco’s figures prove this to be true: on the market for over 50 years, the company has a covered structure spanning 15,000 square meters and transforms up to 100 tons of paper into hundreds of thousands of bags every day. In addition, we combine rapidity, flexibility and continuous service with the most cutting-edge, constantly updated technology and the unwavering focus of our highly qualified personnel.

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